Andrew and I (Megan) were married this past year in July. Our wedding was travel themed with all the places we’ve gone together so far so we’ve always had a passion for travel. In fact our first international trip was just 6 weeks after we met!

We finally became serious about taking time off to travel when our dog, Ty, passed away this past October. With no kids, no dogs, no car payments and really no responsibilities but our jobs it became very clear that it was now or never.


I work for Intuit on TurboTax and although they do not have a sabbatical program they do provide a unpaid and no benefits Personal Leave of Absence. My job is not guaranteed but I’ve been incredibly impressed and grateful at how accommodating they’ve been. We do leave the day after tax season though!

Andrew didn’t fare as well. As an Electrical Engineer for a defense contractor he unfortunately had to quit however he is taking it very well – he continues to tell people he is retiring. Which make me incredibly concerned – I keep reminding him he will eventually have to go back to work!